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January 11, 2018
Greetings Junior Team Tennis Coordinators,

We hope your 2018 is off to a great start! With facility coordinator meetings right around the corner, we wanted to provide some advanced notice of a change relating to Junior Team Tennis for this upcoming season. As is always the case, our league staff and committees are charged with continually looking at ways to improve our league programming to further promote and develop the sport of tennis – in this case for junior players, parents and facility coordinators involved in JTT.

JTT started 40+ years ago and over that time we’ve made changes to our structure and format based on feedback from facility coordinators, parents and players alike. We’ve gone from co-ed to gender specific – making it easier for facilities large and small to field more teams tailored to their available players. We modified formats and scoring as well as adjusted scheduling over the years. Our program is now one of the largest in the country! Over the past several seasons, a very common complaint has been our ‘staggered’ scheduling of matches – both in local league play and at our State Playoff. We addressed the issue at Playoffs – with resounding success and positive feedback from all those involved!

The changes adopted by the Committee for 2018 are specifically designed to accomplish two very significant issues: 1) create a structure that allows for more 1st place teams to be able to compete at our State Playoff; and 2) eliminate staggered scheduling altogether and replicate the efficiencies experienced at Playoffs for the weekly local league play for our facility coordinators (a change that also benefits players and parents/spectators). We’re excited!

Change for 2018
We (league staff and committee members) have spent a considerable amount of time reviewing data from past seasons and discussing ways to help address these issues. The result is a change in format for the 2018 season (local league and State Championships). The new format will be 1 singles, 1 doubles match (3 players) for each team match. All local league matches will now be played at one time – NO staggering! Yet facilities can still host a team match on only two courts. Providers can administrate the matches that much easier and court usage will be simpler to coordinate. In addition, parents or other spectators will know exactly when their youngster will play and won’t have to wait for a staggered match. In the past, many teams that qualified for state had to drop out because they did not have 4 players available. Now that teams will only need 3 players available, we anticipate an increase in the number of 1st place teams to actually be able to play at State. We are excited about the potential to have more of those teams that earned spots able to advance and actually compete at State.

Bullet Points
1 singles, 1 doubles for each team match (local league and State Championships).
4 player minimum roster requirement still exists for teams to join the league.
3 players required for each team match (local league and State Championships)
No staggering of matches
Match times have been reduced and changed accordingly
  10s – 8am
  12s – 9:30am
  14s – 11:am
  18s – 12:30pm
Games won will be used for the local league standings, as well as State Championship standings.

We’re looking forward to a great year of JTT and hope these changes are met with excitement as they are aimed at helping address issues we have heard from players, parents and facility coordinators for a number of years.


USTA Colorado League Department & Junior Recreation Committee

USTA Colorado League Department
Jason Rogers League Programs Director
Taylor McKinley League Programs Manager
Kate James League Coordinator
Saryn Mooney League Coordinator
Nick Taylor League Coordinator

Outlying Area League Coordinators
Steve Schultz Northern Colorado
Mike Humphrey Southern Colorado

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