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July 23, 2014
I hope that you are all having a great summer. The Colorado Junior Team Tennis State Championship tournament is coming up soon. Please see below for some important information about the tournament. I will be sending additional Alerts! as more information becomes available. Thanks for all that you have done to make this a great summer of junior tennis.

There are some extremely important deadlines approaching, so please pay close attention to the deadlines and let me know if you have any questions. Everyone's adherence to these deadlines ensures a smooth and efficient process for the hundreds of teams involved in the playoffs.

In this Junior League Alert!
  Upcoming Deadlines for State Championships
  Eligibility and Frequently Asked Questions
  Number of teams that will advance by flight
  Sites for the State Championships
Upcoming Deadlines for State Championships
July 28 (Monday)
Last regular season match and last date to make up matches.
July 30 (Wednesday)
Scores not reported by that time will be changed to a double default.
Standings will be final as of 1:00pm (a Junior League Alert! will be sent when standings are final).
July 31 (Thursday)
All teams that are eligible for the State Championships must contact Dan Lewis by email and provide notification if your team will be available to participate or not. If Dan Lewis is not contacted by an eligible team, that team will not be included in the schedule.
August 6 (Wednesday)
First round match times will be posted online. A Junior League Alert! will be sent with a link to the schedule.
August 8-10 (Friday - Sunday)
Colorado Junior Team Tennis State Championships

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Eligibility and Frequently Asked Questions

A team must have at least 3 eligible players available during playoffs to participate, in case of injury or sickness. It is permitted to play a team match with only 2 players, as it is during the regular season.

A player must have played in at least 2 different team matches during the regular season to be eligible for participation.

A round robin format will be used in most divisions until the final rounds, which will be single elimination. Some divisions may have a different format, to be determined by the tournament director and tournament committee.

A team match format will be used for scoring. The team winning the majority of the 3 individual matches will be awarded 1 team point (Games won is not the determining criteria for State). The team with the most team points in each age group/level of play will advance to the single elimination final rounds.

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Number of teams that will advance by flight
New Operating Procedure for 2014 Only 1st place teams from each flight will automatically qualify for the State Championships. In some instances, we will take wildcard teams to make for a better draw for a division at the Championships.

CLICK HERE to view the number of teams in each flight that will be eligible to advance to the State Championships. A list of specific team names, including wildcards, which are eligible for advancement, will be sent out in an Alert once the standings are finalized.

How to locate your team's flight:
1. Go to TennisLink
2. Go to the stats and standings for your team (see the TennisLink Help Guide if you have questions)
3. Near the top right corner of the pop-up window, you will see the Flight

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Sites for the State Championships
Below is a list of the five sites we will be using for Friday and Saturday. We will go down to two sites on Sunday.
Colorado Athletic Club Inverness (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Colorado Athletic Club Monaco (Fri, Sat & Sun)

Ken-Caryl Community Center (Fri & Sat)

Ken-Caryl Ranch House (Fri & Sat)
Pinehurst Country Club (Fri & Sat)

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Dan Lewis
USTA Colorado
Junior Leagues Director
303/695-4116 x207

Note: Replies to this email will be sent to If you wish to contact Dan please send emails to
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