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July 30, 2018
Junior Team Tennis State Championship Information

for State Championship Schedules and other important information for the upcoming State Championships. Please read all information relating to Championship Rules, Procedures and Guidelines on the playoff information page.

Tournament Desk Phone Number
Throughout the USTA Colorado JTT State Championships, the tournament desk can be reached at (303)695-4116 x222 if you have any urgent questions. Calls to this extension will only be answered August 3-5.

For questions prior to August 8
, please contact Saryn Mooney at (303)695-4116 x206.

Site Specifics
A special thanks to our host sites for this year's USTA Colorado JTT State Championships:

Colorado Athletic Club Inverness
Colorado Athletic Club Monaco
Ken Caryl Ranch House
Pinehurst Country Club
Utah Park

Important Notes
  • All players should bring their own water for every match, as water is NOT available on-court at several locations.
  • Temperatures could be hot, so it is important for players to plan accordingly. Teams in most divisions will have at least one day with two matches.
  • Full teams accompanied by a team parent or coach are required to report to the tournament desk at their specific site at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled match time. USTA Colorado recommends arriving 30 minutes prior to your match time. Lateness penalties, as described in USTA regulations, may be applied by the site director and official.
  • Team matches will be played at, or very close to, the same time (both lines are scheduled to go on at the same time).
  • A team match format, consisting of one singles position and one doubles position will be used. A round-robin format will be used until the final rounds are reached (in most cases). Games won will be the criteria used to determine the winning team.

    In the event of a tie, whether in round robin or single elimination competition, the tie shall be broken by:
        1. Games lost: loser of the fewest games
        2. Head to Head: winner of head to head competition
        3. Super tiebreak: the super tiebreak will be a doubles tiebreak, first to 7 by 2. Each team is allowed to play any eligible player from their roster.
        4. A method to be determined by the Championship Committee: coin toss or a procedure TBA prior to commencement of championship competition.
  • Please pay close attention to the site that is listed next to each of your team's matches. Teams may not play at the same site for each round. Click on the links above for maps/directions to each site.
  • All teams in advancing positions have confirmed their attendance. If your team has qualified for State and is not able to attend or to field a full roster, you must contact Saryn Mooney immediately.
  • If your team is playing at Pinehurst Country Club, please review these Special Instructions.
  • If your team is playing at Colorado Athletic Club Monaco, please review these Special Instructions.
The Official Standings are available in our schedule program so please use this to obtain both Playoff Schedules and Official Standings. This is the only place you can find official schedules and standings used in the playoffs.

Best of luck to you and your team!

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Have a great league season!

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