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May 29, 2015
Junior League Alert

Hi Coaches and Captains!

Thank you for doing a great job with the May 27 team creation deadline. Please be sure you get the minimum number of players registered on all teams by the end of the day today.

In this Junior League Alert!
  Double Check Everything
  Player Minimum Deadline for Junior Team Tennis is TODAY
  Teams that will be Deleted
  Schedule Information
  Changes for 2015

Help Information
  TennisLink Help Information
  Forms: Player moves & deletions

Double Check Everything
Please be sure to take a final look at your list of teams in TennisLink and be sure the team name correctly describes your team. If the team name is wrong, chances are good that the team is in the wrong place (i.e. if the team name says CA, but it is supposed to be CB, contact Dan Lewis immediately). If you need to move a team to a different division, contact Dan Lewis by the end of the day Friday. No team moves can be made after scheduling begins.

Player Minimum Deadline for Junior Team Tennis is TODAY
Teams must have at least four players registered by this deadline to be included in the schedule.

Teams that will be deleted
All teams that still have zero players on them will be deleted Saturday, May 30 (tomorrow).
If you have a team that has zero players on it that should not be deleted, you need to contact me immediately. Players on teams with fewer than four players will need to be moved to teams that have the minimum number of players.

Schedule Information
Match schedules will be published by June 11. As in the past, this information will not be mailed, so please direct everyone to TennisLink to find the schedules.

Changes for 2015
Time Slots - The match time slots are now 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm, and 2:00pm
8:00 - 10's
10:00 12s
12:00 - 14's
2:00 - 18's

*Outlying areas may play both the 10s and 12s at 8:00 and the 14's and 18's at 10:00
Facility Info Sheets - Only one black out date per facility is permitted. Facilities must have enough courts to host at least half of their teams at home each week.

10 and Under Team Incentive - For every 10u team in excess of your 10u team total in 2014, USTA Colorado will provide you with a $50 incentive check.

Playoff Format teams that advance to the State Championship need to have 4 players at each match. Players will not be able to play singles and doubles in one team match because all 3 lines of the match will be played at the same time.

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