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May 19, 2015

It must be springtime in Colorado!


Rescheduling matches due to inclement weather
Even though Colorado gets a lot of sunshine, we also seem to get our share of weather every year that doesn't cooperate with league tennis. We would like to remind everyone that things work out best when captains and players all work together to get matches rescheduled. We thought we would send out a few reminders about dealing with rescheduled matches.

Teams have three (3) weeks to make up matches that must be rescheduled. No extensions beyond the three-week deadline will be provided for any reason.
Not all lines have to be made up at the same time. Players from each line should contact each other to work out a date and time that works best for them.
If some lines have been completed and others have not, captains can input the completed match scores and input double defaults for the outstanding scores to ensure that the matches that have been played count. If the other lines are completed prior to the deadline, the scores can then be emailed to the League Coordinator or Area Coordinator.
Any line in the team match that has not started (i.e. first point has not been played), the lineup can be changed by either team to allow players who are available to make up the match.
If teams do not agree to a date and time that will complete the match within three weeks, the match shall be scheduled for the 3rd Friday following the original match date at 6:00pm, at the original match location.
Please read section 10.00 in the Colorado District League Regulations
Work together, be friendly and courteous to your opponents.
If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

We hope you have a great league season!

Jason Rogers (Adult League Programs Director)

Taylor McKinley (Denver Metro)      Diane Westlind (Northern Colorado)
Kent Waryan (Denver Metro) Jean Orton (Southern Colorado)
Jarret Sutphin (NTRP & Flex Leagues) Susan Swarmer (Southern Colorado)
    Shelley Freeman (Aspen/Mountains)
    Kathy Elliott (Western Slope)

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