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February 1, 2016
Big Book arriving soon
The Annual Big Book of Colorado Tennis will be heading to a mailbox near you this week. Be sure to thank your postal worker for this incredible gift! Of course, you can always find publications online at our newsstand.

Looking for a tennis job?
USTA Colorado has several job postings from area facilities that will help you fulfill your dreams of working in the tennis industry! Find your tennis career here.

Host Play Days and Win!
Exciting incentives are being offered to Play Day organizers in 2016 including the chance to earn a $150 Visa gift card and to win an iPad Air! Click here for all of the incentive details as well as helpful support and resources available to organizers.

Funding Resources
Check out the variety of funding resources available through USTA Colorado, the Colorado Youth Tennis Foundation, USTA and the USTA Foundation that may assist you with your efforts to grow the game as an organizer and/or give kids the chance to pursue the sport.

Financial Support for New and Growing Tennis Programs
USTA CO and CYTF are accepting grant applications to provide funding to help start or expand community-based tennis programs for youth, adults, seniors and special populations. Deadline is April 1. Click here for all you need to know, plus an informative webinar to help you get started.

Dollars for Public Tennis Court Repairs
The USTA CO Adopt a Court matching grant is available to support the repair and/or renovation of public tennis courts in Colorado. Application deadline is April 1. Get the details here.

Seeking Coach Youth Tennis Workshop Host Sites
Support tennis growth in your community by hosting a 10 and Under on-court workshop - part of the comprehensive Coach Youth Tennis certification program. Hosts provide the courts and at least 20 participants and the USTA provides the rest. Online application must be submitted for consideration.

Adult League Registration Now Open
All adult leagues are now open for registration for the 2016 season. If you need a team number, please contact your facility coordinator. League deadlines, as well as match days and times can be found online. For more information please contact the USTA Colorado league department.

Changes for the 2016 League Season
Click here to see a summary of the major changes for USTA leagues this season. Please contact the Adult League department if you have any questions.

Junior Team Tennis Facility Coordinator Meetings Set

Denver Metro:
   March 22 - 10am @ USTA Colorado
   March 24 - 10am @ USTA Colorado
   March 30 - 6pm @ USTA Colorado

Northern Colorado:
   March 7 - 6pm @ Miramont Lifetime Fitness

Southern Colorado:
   March 16 - 11am @ Flying Horse

Important 2016 Junior Team Tennis Changes
Throughout the season, junior league staff members from across the state collect feedback from players. Each year, we meet with the Junior Recreation Committee in the fall to address the feedback that is received which often leads to changes in the league program. Click here to see the major changes for the 2016.

Finding the right tournament for your junior player
Parents looking to make plans for the summer tournament season are encouraged to review the complete listings of RED (8 and under), ORANGE (10 and under) and GREEN (12 and under) ball events. And before you sign your child up for their event, be sure you know the answer to the 8 Questions Every Tournament Parent Should Know.

This year, all Level 8/Futures (Entry-level) and Level 7/Challenger (Intermediate) Colorado tournaments will utilize the ACE Format. Itís a better tournament experience, and itís as easy as 1-2-3!

Upcoming Colorado Sanctioned Tournaments
(Entries closing in the next 45 days)
Tournament Name Entries
Leap Into Spring at Inverness
NM(3.5-4.5)d; NW(3.0-4.5)d; NX(3.5-4.5)d
01/01/2016 (Open)
02/19/2016 (Close)
at 11:59:00 PM
02/25/2016 (Start)
02/29/2016 (End)
Life Time 10's Winter Kick-Off Championships (Level 6)
BG(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) )sd
01/09/2016 (Open)
02/19/2016 (Close)
at 11:59:00 PM
02/26/2016 (Start)
02/28/2016 (End)
Meadow Creek Junior Open Championship (Level 6) (DESIGNATED)
Championships: B(12-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,SE; G(12-14 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,SE
12/30/2015 (Open)
02/25/2016 (Close)
at 11:59:00 PM
03/03/2016 (Start)
03/09/2016 (End)
March Kickoff at Inverness
01/01/2016 (Open)
02/26/2016 (Close)
at 11:59:00 PM
03/04/2016 (Start)
03/07/2016 (End)
Flying Horse Indoor Gallop Challenger (Level 7)
Challenger: BG(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) ,12 (78'Court/Green Ball) ,14-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s
12/29/2015 (Open)
02/26/2016 (Close)
at 11:59:00 PM
03/04/2016 (Start)
03/06/2016 (End)
Lewis Tennis March Madness Challenger (Level 7)
Challenger: BG(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) )s,RR; Challenger: BG(14-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,RR; Challenger: BG(12 (78'Court/Green Ball) )s,RR; Challenger: BG(8 (36'Court/Red Ball) )s,RR
01/06/2016 (Open)
03/01/2016 (Close)
at 11:59:00 PM
03/05/2016 (Start)
03/05/2016 (End)
Young Guns Championship (Level 6)
Level 6: BG(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) )s,FMLC; BG(12-14 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,SE
01/06/2016 (Open)
03/04/2016 (Close)
at 11:59:00 PM
03/11/2016 (Start)
03/14/2016 (End)
Lifetime Fitness Championship #1 (Level 6)
BG(12-14 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )sd
01/13/2016 (Open)
03/11/2016 (Close)
at 11:59:00 PM
03/18/2016 (Start)
03/20/2016 (End)
Flying Horse Indoor Clay Thoroughbred Champ. (Level 6)
Championships: BG(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) ,12-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s
01/18/2016 (Open)
03/11/2016 (Close)
at 11:59:00 PM
03/18/2016 (Start)
03/20/2016 (End)
Pikes Peak Open
Open: MW(Op)sd,SE; NMW(3.0-4.5)sd,SE; NX(3.0-4.5)d,SE
01/20/2016 (Open)
03/16/2016 (Close)
at 11:00:00 AM
03/21/2016 (Start)
03/27/2016 (End)
April Fools Challenger (Level 7)
BG(14-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,RR; BG(12 (78'Court/Green Ball) )s,RR; BG(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) )s,RR
01/01/2016 (Open)
03/24/2016 (Close)
at 11:59:00 PM
03/31/2016 (Start)
04/04/2016 (End)
Boulder Country Club Adult Open
Open: NMW(3.0-3.5)sd,SE
01/26/2016 (Open)
03/25/2016 (Close)
at 11:59:00 PM
04/01/2016 (Start)
04/08/2016 (End)
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